Made in Italy

Gourmet cutlery Line

Simple lines, refined and with a touch of modernity for these cutlery that match various furnishing accessories for the table. The essential blending with refinement.

Stainless steel cutlery.


  • Finishing: Glossy
  • Thickness: 2.5 mm


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Cutlery Description Code
table knife table knife 010cotagou
steak knife steak knife 010cobigou
fruit knife fruit knife 010cofrgou
fish knife fish knife 010copegou
table fork table fork 010fotagou30
fish fork fish fork 010fopegou
cake fork cake fork 010fodopgou
fruit fork fruit fork 010fofrgou
coffee spoon coffee spoon 010cumkgou
ice-cream spoon ice-cream spoon 010cugegou
fruit spoon fruit spoon 010cufrgou
table spoon table spoon 010cutagou30
drink spoon drink spoon 010cubigou
tea spoon tea spoon 010cufegou
ladle ladle 010mestgou
serving spoon serving spoon 010cunegou
serving fork serving fork 010fonegou
serving cake serving cake 010padogou
serving cake knife serving cake knife 010cndogou
serving fish knife serving fish knife 010cnpegou


All our cutlery can be made with various types of packaging: cardboard boxes, wooden coffers and the classic case. We offer our customers the possibility of creating personalized packages with colors, graphics and logos.

Pieces Description Composition Code
set cutlery 24 pcs set cutlery 24 pcs 6 table knife, 6 table fork, 6 table spoon, 6 tea spoon 01124gou
set cutlery 49 pcs set cutlery 49 pcs 12 table knife,12 table spoon, 12 table fork, 12 the spoon, 1 ladle 01149gou
set cutlery 75 pcs set cutlery 75 pcs 12 table knife, 12 table spoon, 12 table fork, 12 the spoon, 12 fruit knife, 12 fruit fork, 1 ladle, 1 serving fork, 1 serving spoon 01175gou
set cutlery 113 pcs set cutlery 113 pcs 12 table knife, 12 table fork, 12 table spoon, 12 tea spoon, 12 fruit knife, 12 cake fork, 12 fish fork, 12 fish knife, 1 ladle, 1 serving spoon, 1 serving fork, 1 serving fish knife, 12 coffee spoon, 1 serving fish fork 011113gou

Blister packs

Intended and created to meet the requirements of wholesalers, our products can be packaged in this special packaging, perfect for displaying the cutlery in supermarkets and shops.

The blisters are created in a resistant cardboard in brilliant colors. A special film protects the cutlery, keeping it clean. Every package can be personalized on the customer's request and can contain 6 or 12 pieces.


Ideal packaging for GDO, shops and supermarkets. Its practical space-saving packaging allows displaying the product, avoiding breakage and tampering.

The cases are made with resistant materials and are available in various colors. The packaging can be personalized on the customer's request and can contain 2, 3 or 6 pieces according to the need.